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  • How old do i need to be?
  • What is the process i need to go through, to get my Class 2?
    To gain your Class 2 you need: Medical MOD 1 - Theory and Hazard Perception tests MOD 2 - CPC Case Studies test MOD 3 - Driver Training and Tests MOD 4 - CPC Practical training and test We can do all the bookings for you. All we ask is you keep us updated everystep of the way.
  • Can i go straight to my Class 1 without doing my Class 2?
    Yes, as of November 2021, the legislation changed for this. You no longer have to do your Class 2, to be able to do Class 1. You still have to complete: Medical Theory and Hazard Perception Tests CPC Case Studies Test CPC Practical Demonstration and Test
  • How much will my class 2 cost me
    This can vary depending on the date you passed your car test and what your requiremnets are once you pass your test i.e. will you be driving for work or just lesiure?
  • How many hours training will i need for my class 2?
    Depending on experience, our usual programme is 20 hours with the driving test included.
  • Will the vehicle be automatic or manual
    All our vehicles are Automatic.
  • How does the HGV theory test work?
    The HGV Theory Test is broken down into two parts; Hazard Perception Test (identifying developing hazards in video clips) Multiple Choice Test (multiple choice questions). Both parts of the test are computer-based, and you will be given Industry Standard online revision material which mirrors what you’ll use at the Theory Test Centre.
  • Do i need CPC if i have aquired rights?
    Yes, you will need CPC if you want to use the vehicle for business purposes. Although, you can choose which way in which you achieve them. Option 1: 35 hours classroom based training Option 2: MOD 2 - CPC Case Studies Test MOD 4 - CPC Practical Demonstration and Test
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